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Radiant Heat Q & A

What is radiant heat?
Radiant heat is what you feel when heat transfers from a warm surface to a cooler surface.

What is convection heat?
Convection heat is what you feel from air heated by warm air furnaces, heat pumps, and baseboards. The warm air is distributed mechanically or through natural convection.

Why is radiant heat better than convection heat?
1) Long wave radiant energy is the most efficient form of heat transfer.
2) Radiant heat is healthy, comfortable heat.
3) Airborne dust, pollen, and germs are reduced by the elimination of blowing air.
4) Building air pressurization losses are minimized and relative humidity is unaffected.
5) Operating costs are lower.

Why is heat from the ceiling best, doesn’t heat rise?
Ceiling placement eliminates obstructions to radiant heat transfer. Actually heat doesn’t rise, it’s hot air that rises, creating natural convection like that from baseboard heaters and other warmer surfaces. So, the ceiling is best.

Will the floor be warm if heat is on the ceiling?
Yes, radiant energy creates heat when it strikes the floor and furnishings, and the warmed surfaces reradiate heat, thereby warming the air.

In this Florida office, radiant panels
provide perimeter heat for
a variable air volume system.

Just how does radiant heat feel?
Radiant heat is sun like warmth: natural, silent, draft-less, odorless.

What kind of radiant heat system should I use?
Choose fast-acting radiant Heatmodules® to provide direct, quick, safe low cost, life of the building heating that is the most comfortable heat money can buy.

Can I Use Heatmodules to heat the whole Building?
Yes! ENERJOY® HEATMODULES are used for new and existing buildings of all types nationwide, and for problem areas including, basements, porches, atriums, bathrooms, special needs areas, etc.

Is a radiant heating system expensive to operate?
A radiant heating system always costs less to operate than a convection heating system using the same energy source. Heat transmission loss and fan energy to blow air is eliminated with ENERJOY, and vacancy set back is practical.

Is there documented comparison study of radiant heating cost and comfort?
Yes. The U. S. Department of Energy ENERJOY Case Study performed by the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center is listed in the Center for Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies.


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