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Basement Remodeling is Easy with
ENERJOY® Radiant Heat

pic2Heat your basement easily, comfortably and quietly while saving 30% to 50% on energy costs with ENERJOY Radiant Ceiling Panels. 

Here’s why ENERJOY Radiant Heat is the best heat for any basement:

  • No duct work. 
  • No noise, no dust, no odors, no cold blow.
  • Energy-efficient....uses only 3-5 watts per square foot.  (Compare that to other systems!) 
  • Quick response time.
  • Full use of floor space.
  • Ceiling mounted panels are perfect for areas where flooding is a problem...an excellent solution for basements or lower levels where code doesn’t permit baseboard systems.

Not only do ‘green’ ENERJOY Heat Panels save energy but they are fully recyclable, have a low carbon footprint and, since the panels draw low wattage, they are ideal partners for wind and solar energy sources.

Installing ENERJOY Radiant Panels is simple.  The heaters flush-mount to the ceiling. Or, for dropped ceilings, use the t-bar grid style panels.  All panels install as easily as a light fixture and are controlled by a wall thermostat. 

ENERJOY ceiling-mounted panels are 99% radiant which means less than a 1% heat loss compared to other systems with convective components such as baseboard heaters, wall heaters or floor heaters. Thermal heat transfer from radiant ceiling panels is 99% efficient; heat transfer from wall or floor room heaters is only about 50% efficient and thereby results in about a 50% heat loss. The end result: more comfort and greater energy savings with Enerjoy Radiant Heat.

With ENERJOY, you can set your thermostat 5 degrees lower than you are used to and still be comfortable! 

How Much Heat Do I Need for My Basement?

ENERJOY Heat Panels are sized based upon the dimensions, ceiling height, insulation values, flooring of your basement space.  As a guideline, use the reference table below for each room in basement:

For example, for a 100 square foot basement located in New England with an 8 foot ceiling and 1 slider, a sample sizing is indicated in RED

Your Basement
Square footage

3 watts per sq. foot

300 watts


Ceiling height:
   7 feet
    8 feet

Add 1 watt per sq. foot


100 watts


Sliders (or large windows or fireplace)

Add 1 watt per sq. foot



Northern U.S. states (winter months average 30 degrees per day)

Add 1 watt per sq. foot

100 watts


Total wattage


600 watts


Panels can be purchase in various size configurations, wattages,and voltages.  For sizes go to:   http://www.sshcinc.com/enerjoy1specs.htm#specs

Various thermostat controls are available ...from a basic line voltage thermostat to digital, programmable thermostats:

Or, simply call us at 800 544-5182.  We will be happy to size panels for you given your specific basement needs.


Additional Hints in Designing a Comfortable Basement:

  • Cement floor are a great source of heat loss as the cement absorbs rather than reflects heat.  If possible, try to cover your cement slab floor with carpeting or wood flooring. 
  • Insulate the walls where possible.  This will save on energy bills regardless of what type of heating system you use.
  • For windows and glass sliders, use high R-value products, such as thermopane.

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